User Equipment Training


Whether your user equipment training requirements are to provide induction training onto a new product or give equipment familiarisation training, we are here to assist you.

All of our trainers have an in-depth knowledge of Aviation and Marine Survival, Aircrew (AEA) and Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE) and the use of these items, this means that you can be fully assured that your user equipment training can be generated and delivered by our professional training team.

Key Survival Equipment Ltd can provide the relevant course materials and an end of course certificate to validate successful course completion.  A training matrix can be produced to allow the issue of equipment authorisation to satisfy your company or individual needs.

Types of User Equipment Training:

  • Pre/Post use user maintenance
  • Donning/Doffing Equipment
  • Principals of operation
  • Open Water Survival Principles
  • Organising and using equipment for use in survival situations
  • Use of Survival Equipment and Pilot Flight Equipment
  • Use of Survival Aids (if fitted)
  • Touch drill training
  • Environmental Survival Awareness
  • ‘Dry’ drill survivor training
  • ‘Wet’ drill survivor training
  • Environmental Survival Practical demonstrations and training

If you require further information please use the  ‘Contact Us’ form and we will be only too pleased to assist you.