Technical Documentation and Support Services

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation is essential to ensure that product or equipment care and maintenance is carried out to the manufacturers recommended engineering and quality standards.  As a result, Technical Documents can help to eliminate any ‘margin for error’ that could lead to breakdown, lack of use, and ultimately failure of the product.

Safety Case Assessments and Consultancy

We carry out Safety Case Assessments covering an extensive range of equipment that is in use worldwide. We have the personnel and skills required to support your trials, test and integration team, from something as simple as a technical packing exercise to sea survival ‘wet’ drills.  From Personal Survival Equipment through to Multi-Person Survival Systems – our expert staff are able to provide you with information, training and trials support services.

Subject Matter Expert Consultancy

To ensure the equipment manufactured is capable of carrying out the role it has been designed for requires rigorous testing to prevent failures, to help meet customer requirements but more importantly, to save lives. Our staff are able to assist in the testing and evaluation process from maintenance through to end-user trials.

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