ALPHA Helmets and Associated Products


Gentex Helmet Sales, Maintenance, Repair and Support

As official UK distributors of Gentex helmets, we are able to provide UK customers with end-to-end Gentex helmet support. We are invested in aviator safety, and provide customers with a dedicated ALPHA Helmet customer support manager. We provide Gentex helmets optimised to our customers exacting specifications, with comprehensive, fully insured, after-sales support available through either:

  • Our Gentex Approved Maintenance, Repair and Warranty Facility
  • Our Gentex Approved Mobile Maintenance Service Facility which ensures that your Gentex helmet, maintained at your location, minimises down time.

All helmets and associated equipment are inspected and maintained in accordance with the recommended maintenance intervals, replacement components schedule and technical specifications.

Asset Maintenance management is carried out by us which provides you with complete through-life asset transparency.

ALPHA Eagle Helmet (Non NVG)

The Gentex ALPHA Eagle is designed to be used in helicopters and static seat fixed wing aircraft. The Eagle is suitable for use in a range of aerial applications including Air Ambulance, Aerial Fire Fighting, Underslung Loads, Warbird flying and Aerial survey. Pilots and crew can select from a range of visors, communications components, colours and finishes to optimise the fit and personalisation of their Eagle helmet. To Learn more click on the Eagle helmet picture below.

ALPHA 900 Helmet (NVG Capable)

The Gentex ALPHA 900 is the most versatile helmet in Gentex’s ALPHA helmet range and is suitable for use in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. With configurable options including Dazzle laser visors, FENN/ANVIS Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Oxygen Mask recievers, Face Guards and other head borne equipment, it is lighter in weight than prior models while providing the necessary impact and penetration resistance. To Learn more click on the ALPHA 900 helmet picture below.

ALPHA 900 SAR Helmet (NVG Capable)

Developed in partnership with wet-winch Search And Rescue (SAR) technical aircrew, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR Helmet System is the world’s first waterproof rotary wing helmet optimised for SAR aircrew. To Learn more click on the ALPHA 900 SAR helmet picture below.