Servicing, Sales and Support

Gentex Approved support for all Gentex helmets.  

What we do

We are ALPHA helmet specialist, official Gentex distributors and Gentex approved to service, modify and repair all Gentex aviation helmets.

We are unique in Europe as the only Gentex approved helmet maintenance organisation that delivers on-site helmet servicing.  Customers appreciate our on-site helmet servicing; it not only provides a service that saves them time, but adds a great deal of flexibility to their operations.  The benefits gained from having our Gentex approved technician servicing your flight helmets at your flight site or base include:

  • Helmets remain on site for the duration of the visit
  • Helmets are serviced and ready for use on the same day
  • We can professionally fit and adjust helmets for the comfort and safety of the wearer
  • We are available to directly answer helmet related questions
  • We can size people for helmets then and there

Where on-site visits aren’t suitable, customers are able to send their helmets directly to Key Survival Equipments Gentex approved maintenance facility.  We are also able to provide a ‘while you wait service’ (on prior arrangement only).

We are Gentex UK Distributors

If you are looking to purchase a new Gentex ALPHA of HGU helmet, you’ve come to the right place.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you to select a helmet and options that match your requirements, this will help to ensure you get an ALPHA helmet that’s perfect for your needs.  Staff can assist you to select your next Gentex helmet, provide advice on a range of optional extras and we can also professionally size and fit the helmet to you.

Utilise our knowledge to help you select and purchase your valuable head protection asset and then choose to have your Gentex helmet professionally serviced in our officially authorised Gentex helmet centre. 

If operational demands mean you can’t send your Gentex helmet to us, we can come to you.

Why is a proper helmet Fit important?

Fitting an ALPHA Eagle for the Dutch Police Air Wing

A properly fitted helmet provides added stability for NVG use, improves comfort and safety for the wearer, and helps with noise attenuation.

As with any helmet, one that hasn’t been sized to the wearer and fitted properly to them can be unstable when using head mounted devices, create head pain or head aches, reduce the wearers comfort and won’t provide the full impact protection afforded by a properly fitted example. Always follow the manufacturers instruction and fit pads to the helmet liner before use!

Recommended Replacement Schedule & Parts

We recommend customers maintain the protection and performance levels of their Gentex helmet system and extend its use by replacing worn out components and sub-assemblies with genuine Gentex replacement parts. Over time, parts can become worn, warped or otherwise damaged, which diminishes the protection capability of the helmet system. Based on decades of usage experience, Gentex recommends replacing protection-critical components and assemblies of the helmet system at regular intervals.

Quality You Can Count On

Our ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Assurance systems give us complete traceability, and help to ensure that you receive outstanding service that is simply second to none.

Crews from the Great North Air Ambulance in their ALPHA helmets


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