Training Services

“We have the capabilities to meet the most demanding training tasks worldwide.”

Darren Bumby, Director of Operations, Key Survival Equipment Ltd.

Training Services Overview

Whether your requirement is to provide familiarisation training on a new product, Aircrew equipment user training, or to provide initial AEA/PFE/ALSE maintenance training, we have the training services that are able to assist you.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of training techniques and their application with which to ensure a successful outcome for your requirements.  Over the past year alone, our staff have travelled across the globe to provide customers with quality outcomes. 

As a potential customer, this means that you can be fully assured that your requirement for training courses can be met in full and that your trainees will be benefiting from a wealth of experience on a training course that has been designed to suit your needs.  All courses are delivered by our highly experienced training team.  From initial customer contact to post training delivery, you will find that Key Survival will pull up trees to ensure that your needs are catered for in full.

We can provide customers with a comprehensive set of pre-course documentation which includes course learning objectives, key learning points, positive outcomes and certification.

During the course, our instructor not only provides instruction and motivation but monitors course students to ensure that they are capable of reaching their goals.  Where needed, our patient instructors can provide one to one training to assist the student in achieving their goals.

On successful course completion, we provide an officially certified and numbered end of course certificate with associated pass criteria matrix, that students can use as.  A training matrix can be produced to allow the issue of equipment authorisations to satisfy your company or individual needs.

We Deliver Training In:

Training Services - Training In Korea

Gentex Helmet Training For Wildcat PFE Maintainers

  • Maintenance
  • Procedures
  • 2nd signature and engineering paperwork
  • Testing
  • Repair
  • Rectification
  • Component Replacement
  • Equipment Sizing and Fitting
  • Product Familiarisation
  • Demonstration and Operation
  • Survival Aids awareness

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