M-346 Training.


Key Survival Equipment recently delivered training at the Leonardo Company training aircraft production facility at Venegono Superiore, Italy.

Ben Kendrick, Services Manager, delivered M-346 Flight Jacket maintenance training to Life Support maintainers at  Sperimentale Volo, Leonardos flight test centre.  The M-346 Flight Jacket has been fully integrated into the next generation Aermacchi M-346 aircraft.

The M-346 Flight Jacket offers the Pilot a fire resistant garment with dual inflatable bladders, automatic/manual inflation facility, pockets for survival aids/406 Mhz locator beacon and the ability to attach helmet mounted systems and oxygen connectors.  M-346 Flight Jacket training was delivered on behalf of Survitec group.

The images shows M-346 Flight jacket (left and right) with the Life Jacket it is replacing.

Written by: Key Survival Equipment

Published on: 18 January 2017

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