Eagle soars!


Another ALPHA Eagle leaves the Key Survival Equipment nest.

One lucky Air Ambulance pilot will soon be on their way to a shout wearing this rather dashing ALPHA Eagle helmet.

Available in five sizes and a range of colours (most customers prefer gloss white, but we’re partial to gloss yellow and suede blue/grey.. ) the Eagle is the #1 choice of commercial rotary winged pilots.

Providing light-weight, comfortable head protection with a range of configurable options, the ALPHA Eagle is a helmet that’s worth wearing. After all, you only get one head.

Gentex says: The ALPHA Eagle is the most versatile rotary wing helmet system available for commercial operations including law enforcement, air ambulance, fire services, forestry, and crop spraying. Pilots can select from a wide range of visor options; communications components, including plugs, connectors, and boom microphones; and hearing protection options. Five shell sizes are available in a variety of colours and finishes to optimise the fit and personalisation of the helmet system.

Written by: Key Survival Equipment

Published on: 29 July 2019

Categories: Latest News