Crew Respirator For Air Ambulance Crews


Key Survival Equipment Ltd have developed an adaptor that allows the Corpro Half Mask respirator system to be used in conjunction with flying helmets. The adaptor is designed to fit the CorPro HM1400 respirator system, and can house either a M7 Electret or M87 Dynamic microphone. HM1400 and adaptor are suitable for use with any flying helmet or headset equipped with a U172U microphone connection, and the system is suitable for use in Rotary Wing or static seat fixed wing aircraft.

The HMA (Half Mask Adaptor) is unique to Key Survival, by fitting the adaptor to the filter mount the integrity of the mask and seal is maintained.

Both microphone adaptors have successfully taken part in flight testing with positive feedback received, scoring 4 out of 5 for comfort, ease of use and transmission quality.

The combination of protective half mask respirator, filter and communications adaptor provides a flexible solution for anyone needing to maintain vital communications yet offer personal protection.

We can supply the Respirator system complete with adaptor, and can also supply microphones where needed. We currently have a stock of respirators available for purchase, please contact us for further details.

E-mail: or Telephone (01332) 332442.

Written by: Key Survival Equipment

Published on: 8 June 2020

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