ALPHA 400 Rotary Wing Helmet System

The ALPHA 400 Rotary Wing Helmet System is a multi-fit rotary wing passenger helmet system designed specifically for passengers, casual users, and when the helmet is not a personal use item.

ALPHA 400 Rotary Wing Helmet System

  • Designed for passengers and/or casual use in helicopters and non-ejection seat aircraft
  • Quick and easy to don and doff
  • Compatible with multiple platforms for multiple applications
  • Offers maximum comfort, excellent retention and outstanding optical clarity
  • Unique multi-fit system with easy adjustment to fit a wide range of head sizes

ALPHA 400 User Adjustable Features:  

  • Fore/aft tension
  • Brow/crown comfort pads
  • Ear capsule tension
  • Chin strap tension
  • Visor height
  • Boom microphone.

This helmet is ideal for use by passengers, EMS, PAS, paramedics, doctors/nurses and for staff transport (i.e. oil rig/remote workers).

Various configurable options are available for the ALPHA 400, Key Survival Equipment can supply you with ALPHA 400 helmets to your specifications and provide you with service and support, ensuring your helmet is inspected and maintained to the manufacturers recommended schedules.

Utilise our knowledge of aircrew equipment, pilot flight equipment and survival equipment to keep your valuable assets safe!


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