Adrian Radford

Adrian Radford

Founder and Managing Director.

Adrian has amassed a wealth of experience in the field of Survival Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Integration, Training and Project Management. His extensive experience in these fields has made him a much sought after Subject Matter Expert.

In addition to maintenance and repair, Adrian has held responsibility for Equipment Integration and Qualification, Staff Training and Facilitation, Quality Management, Report Writing and Project Management.

During his time in a training and facilitation role, Adrian was responsible for ensuring the development of students and managed individuals through courses based on Regulations, Ethos, Equality and Diversity, Report Compilation, Leadership and Management Principles.

Additionally, he was responsible for ensuring that technical staff were highly trained and competent to maintain life saving equipment.

In 2006 Adrian held the position of Head of Quality for an Aerospace Engineering facility where he introduced Quality Management Plans and infrastructure, delivered reports on Quality Processes and completed Audits on engineering systems.

This step into the commercial sector gave Adrian the idea that saw the eventual birth of Key Survival Equipment. Subsequently, Adrian took the step and started his own business supporting Survival Equipment manufacturers and users with Training, Technical Support, Subject Matter Expert advice and Consultancy.

Key Survival Equipment is now firmly established among Survival Equipment manufacturers and users and is looked upon as the Key provider of Training and Technical Support.

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