Key Survival Equipment Ltd strive to maintain the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

meteor 2

We are proud to support Martin-Baker Ltd, manufacturer of Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems.

“Key Survival Equipment Ltd provide an easy to access and competent solution to maintaining the Military flying clothing and pilot safety equipment that supports our Gloster Meteor operation“.

Andy Gent
Chief Pilot
Martin-Baker Ltd


Dave P

We are proud to provide Alpha helmets, maintenance and support to aviators.

Many thanks for your email. Alpha Helmet is fantastic! Works perfectly with the Dynamic Aircraft Radio System, clarity of comms amazing. Cuts down all the engine / aircraft noise as you would expect and is incredibly comfortable to wear (obviously down to your expert fitting skills).

Dave Pactor

Dynamic WT9 Pilot

Proud Alpha Eagle helmet owner

Boultbee SpitfireWe are proud to provide Alpha helmets, maintenance and support to Warbird operators.

‘At the Boultbee Flight Academy we provide discerning customers with the unique opportunity to fly our fleet of historic Warbird aircraft.  Our customer and pilot safety is paramount, by utilising Keys’ knowledge of flying clothing we were able to make an informed decision when purchasing our new equipment.  What enhanced the process was Key Survivals passion for aviation and our safety’.

Matt Jones

Co-founder and Managing Director

Boultbee Flight Academy