Servicing, Sales and Support

ALPHA helmet servicing, sales and support to wearers of the ALPHA Eagle, ALPHA 900 and ALPHA 400 series aviation helmets.  

Officially authorised by Gentex to deliver ALPHA helmet servicing, maintenance and repair, we are able to provide you with end-to-end ALPHA helmet support. We are armed forces veterans, and we bring our passion for aviation safety with us, we pride ourselves on providing dedicated support to users of all Gentex ALPHA flight helmets.

Utilising our collective military aircrew helmet maintenance knowledge and proven problem-solving skills, we can provide you with robust maintenance practices and excellent customer experience.

If you are looking to purchase a new ALPHA helmet, we can help you to match your requirements to the perfect ALPHA helmet for you.  We will assist you in selecting your new ALPHA helmet, can advise you on a range of optional extras as well as sizing and fitting the helmet to you.

Utilise our knowledge of ALPHA helmets to help you select and purchase your cranial safety protection asset and then have your ALPHA flight helmet professionally serviced in our officially authorised Gentex ALPHA helmet service, repair and sales centre.

If operational demands mean you can’t send your Gentex ALPHA helmet to us, we can come to you and service, test and repair your helmet on site. 


We support the following ALPHA helmets:


The ever popular rear crew and passenger helmet (often referred to as ‘multi-fit’,  this helmet is available in medium or large).


 The choice of commercial rotary wing aviators & static seat fixed wing pilots looking for a Lightweight flight helmet.

ALPHA 900 Cross Platform Helmet 

A cross-platform ‘military spec’ Eagle with NVG, CEP and ANR options.


The Search and Rescue professionals waterproof helmet of choice, Polycon compatible and waterproof to IP67.

ALPHA Mk10 Variants

UK MoD helmets often found in ‘Warbird’ aircraft.


Recommended Replacement Schedule & Parts

Maintain the protection and performance levels of your ALPHA helmet system and extend its use by replacing worn out components and assemblies with genuine ALPHA replacement parts, available for all of our fielded systems. Over time, parts can become worn, warped or otherwise damaged, which diminishes the protection capability of the helmet system. Based on decades of usage experience, ALPHA recommends replacing protection-critical components and assemblies of the helmet system at regular intervals.

Quality You Can Count On

Our ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Assurance systems give us complete traceability, and help to ensure that you receive outstanding service that is simply second to none.



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