ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform Helmet

ALPHA 900 – Modern, Lightweight Design – Advanced Performance and Protection.

Using an epoxy resin aramid and a carbon fiber shell, the new ALPHA 900 is lighter in weight than prior models, while providing necessary impact and penetration resistance. The lighter weight, plus a new streamlined design, featuring a ratcheting nape strap retention system and tensioning ear shells, provides added stability and comfort for improved aircrew performance, particularly when flying with NVGs or helmet mounted display systems.

Replaces U.K. and other Fielded ALPHA Helmets.

The ALPHA 900 replaces the U.K. MoD’s Mk4 (rotary) and the Mk10B/C (fast-jet) series of ALPHA helmets; and the 200 (rotary & non-ejection seat fixed wing), 300 (fast-jet), and 800 (SAR) series of ALPHA helmets used by over 65 air forces around the globe.

ALPHA 900 Various Models

Modular Design with Qualified Capability Upgrades.

The unique modular design of the ALPHA 900 allows you to easily change or add capability upgrades to meet your current and future mission requirements. With its adaptable design, the ALPHA 900 is compatible with a wide range of qualified flightworthy aircraft communication systems, NVGs, ANRs, oxygen masks, laser protective visors and maxillofacial shields, and other helmet system upgrades, all which can be quickly changed or added without impacting the helmet system’s protection or performance capability.

  • 980 gram nominal weight, typical configurations weigh between 1150 and 1400 grams
  • Fixed wing configurations certified for up to 625 knot ejection
  • Impact levels not to exceed 300G
  • Passive noise attenuation of 7 dB at 250 Hz, 35 dB at 2000 Hz, and 38 dB at 8000 Hz

Reduced Logistics Trail and Flexible Assets.

With a common helmet shell, replaceable and serviceable spare parts, and accessories, maintainers of fixed and rotary wing assets will benefit significantly from a reduced logistics trail. This results in saved time, costs and improved deployment time of assets to aircrew. Common components also allow fleet managers to easily reconfigure helmet systems to support either fixed or rotary wing application

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Various configurable options and after market accessories are available for the ALPHA 900 series,  Key Survival Equipment can supply you with helmets built to your specifications and can then provide you with after-sales service and support, ensuring your helmet is inspected and maintained to the manufacturers recommended schedules.

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