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Aviators Night Vision Goggles are helmet mounted devices that are used in fixed or rotary winged aircraft and were originally designed to be used by military aviators.  

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) enable aircrew flying an aircraft at night to see ground features and obstructions  such as buildings, antennas, hills, etc that would normally be hidden to the naked eye.  They are normally used at low/medium altitudes.  

Originally, NVGs were best suited to use in medium to low light conditions, away from areas of cultural lighting (towns, factory complexes, etc) but modern goggles can be operated near these areas thanks to technology that prevents the  light ‘bloom’ experienced on older generation (Gen I, II) examples.  NVGs are a great asset in any aviators tool box, but they rely on some light being available to enable the image intensifier tubes to operate, light sources can be provided by cultural lighting, star light or Infra red.

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Night Vision Goggle operations are not just the preserve of military aviators.  

NPAS (National Police Aviation Support), HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), SAR (Search and Rescue) and other specialist aviators that have a requirement to operate 24 hours a day through the year also make use of NVG.

Key Survival Equipment staff have in-depth knowledge of both fixed and rotary winged NVG operations and have  not only maintained NVGs but provided maintenance and user training courses.  We have the skillset to diagnose and repair NVG faults, or suggest a relevant course of action.

A stable, professionally fitted NVG and helmet combination can help to reduce the ‘pain’ associated with NVG flying, reducing ‘hot spots’ and helmet roll. We have years of NVG helmet fitting experience, let us assist you with your NVG operations tonight!


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