ALPHA Eagle Helmet

ALPHA Eagle – Modern, Lightweight Design; Advanced Performance and Protection.

The ALPHA Eagle is a versatile helmet; available for commercial operations including air ambulance, fire services, forestry, and crop spraying.

Pilots can select from a range of visor options; communications components, including plugs, connectors, and boom microphones.

Five sizes are available in a variety of colours and finishes to optimise the fit and personalisation of the helmet system.

APHA Helmets – ALPHA Eagle

ALPHA Eagle – Features

  • Five available sizes.
    • Medium, Medium Long, Medium Broad, Large, Extra Large
    • Ensures an accurate fit
    • Minimizing weight effect
    • Achieving optimum C of G (center of gravity).
  • Stable, comfortable helmet platform.
    • Unique quick fit system
    • Adjustable ratchet strap and comfortable nape pad
    • Adjustable locking chinstrap with velveteen sleeve for comfort
    • Adjustable ear capsule tension
    • Multi thickness comfort pads provided as standard with each helmet
    • Fitting guide included
    • Ensures helmet stability throughout the flight.
  • Independent ear cup adjustment.
    • Webbing mounted ear cup allows independent fitting of left and right ear positions
    • Eliminates transmitted resonance
    • Together with shell mounted locking levers, maintains unsurpassed passive noise attenuation.
  • Semi Rigid Visor Cover (SRVC)
    • The SRVC provides a hard cover
    • Protects the visor surface from accidental damage when stowed
    • Idea choice for use in helicopters and transport aircraft.
  • Velveteen (soft cloth) Visor Cover
    • Velveteen visor cover option provides a soft cover for visors
    • Protects visors from dust and scratches when not in use
    • The idea choice for use in aerobatic aircraft and warbirds with limited canopy clearance
  • Customizable
    • Easy Order Guide ensures that your Eagle helmet is tailored to your individual specifications
  • Low cost of ownership
    • The modular design has a proven record of lowering cost of ownership through easy maintenance and fewer replacement parts

ALPHA Eagle – Specification

  • ANSI Z90-1 modified.
  • Impact protection: below 300G for a 90ft/lb (122 joules) input energy
  • Penetration protection: 1.8kg 60° striker at 1 meter
  • Noise attenuation: over 40db@4kHz
  • Climate: +50° C to -40° C
  • Weight: nominally below 1kg

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