Richie Lloyd

Services Manager

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Richie Lloyd, Services Manager.

Richie shares responsibility for training, technical publications, trials, testing and integration management.

As a Survival Equipment Subject Matter Expert (SME), Richie has accumulated a vast amount of technical knowledge on a wide variety of SE from Multi-Seat Aviation Life Rafts to Fast Jet Aircrew Equipment Assemblies.  Richie is particularly proud to have been associated with the Aircrew Equipment Assemblies / Pilot Flight Equipment used on the 4.5 generation Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft where he was heavily involved in it’s introduction to frontline UK Service.

Prior to his work with Typhoon, Richie delivered Aircrew Equipment Assembly (AEA) integration and fitting training to engineering students at the Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine (RAFCAM).  Whilst at RAFCAM he was involved in trials and integration of AEA onto new types of military aircraft.

An accomplished parachutist, Richie has completed hundreds of free-fall descents (‘jumps’) and has even delivered synthetic parachute post ejection survival training to aircrew.