Ben Kendrick

Gentex ALPHA Helmet Customer Relationship Manager

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Ben Kendrick, Gentex ALPHA Helmet Customer Relationship Manager.

Ben has over 28 years experience in Survival Equipment, Pilot Flight Equipment & Aviation Life Support Equipment maintenance and training.

Since joining the company, Ben has  been responsible for a diverse number of projects, including management and delivery of our customers global training programmes, Trials, Test and Integration of Pilot Flight Equipment, Technical Publications authoring, F-35 PFE Presentations at government level.  Ben has travelled the world delivering survival equipment, PFE and ALSE training to student delegates on behalf of manufacturers.  Ben has delivered our unique services to clients such as Pilatus Aircraft, Martin-Baker, Survitec, Leonardo, UK MOD and on aircraft platforms that  vary from Augusta Westland Wildcat helicopters to Lockheed-Martin F-35 lightning II Fighter aircraft.