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ALPHA Flying Helmet Sales, Maintenance and Repair

Because your head is your key asset 

As the United Kingdoms only Gentex HISL authorised ALPHA helmet service, maintenance and repair organisation, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with end to end ALPHA helmet support.

Key Survival Equipment are passionate about aviation safety and reflect this with our support to users of Pilot Flight Equipment world-wide.

In 2013 we started providing maintenance training and technical support on behalf of Helmet Integrated Systems Limited (Gentex Europe) to ALPHA helmet users located around the globe, utilising our collective military flight helmet maintenance and instructional skills to provide an excellent customer experience.

If you are looking to purchase ALPHA flight helmets, or just want to replace your legacy model, we can help you to select the right type of ALPHA flight helmet specific to your operating requirements.  Our team can help you select the correct model, size and equipment level for your new purchase as well assisting you to choose from a range of optional components.

Utilise our knowledge of Aviation helmet systems to select, purchase and have your helmet professionally maintained by the United Kingdoms only Gentex HISL authorised ALPHA helmet service, maintenance and repair organisation.


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ALPHA provision

We can offer sales, service, maintenance and repair of the following helmets (and variants):

We are ISO 9001 accredited and we inspect, service, maintain and repair helmets using only Gentex HISL component parts, manuals, tools and test equipment.  From a quality view-point this gives us complete traceability and ensure you receive an outstanding service that is simply unbeatable.

ALPH helmet maintenance

Our prices are competitive and our team are highly trained ALPHA helmet experts who understand that you need an efficient, effective and quality service.

Our support services can be tailored to your requirements and can include:

• Maintenance and helmet fitting service.
• An asset register for your helmets.
Individual helmet maintenance record cards.
• Maintain a database of your aircrew to allow hassle free helmet support.
• Communications Ear Plug (CEP/mini CEP).
• Laser protection visors/ Gentex Dazzle visor.
• Comfort upgrades.
• Support to individual helmet owners.
• Support to Air Support Units .
• Support to Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).
• Support to Coastguard, Search and Rescue (SAR), offshore and fleet operators + overseas support (call for details).

We’ve maintained ALPHA Helmets used in all sorts of aircraft, from small single seat microlights to Eurofighter Typhoon fighters, from A-109 to S-92 and just about everything in between.  If you’re serious about protecting your head – you need to speak to Key Survival Equipment!

To discuss your helmet requirements in detail, please use the contact form below. 
* Gentex HGU series maintenance available on request.

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